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Nov 2014 - Madrid, Lisbon and London



Ms. Karen Hedlund (Former Deputy Administrator of the FRA) and Ms. Janet Campbell (Senior Director NEC Business Development at Amtrak) will be in Madrid and Lisbon as Keynote speakers.

USA INFRASTRUTURES DAY - Business opportunities in USA
Nov 20th 2014 - Club Financiero Génova - Madrid - More Info - Registration
Nov 21st 2014 - Auditorio do Banco Popular - Lisbon - More Info - Registration
This conference fosters business opportunities and projects in the US in the Infrastructures, transportation and water sectors. Key relevant speakers from North America will be speaking to and interacting with engineering, construction, environmental and water companies attending the conference.

Speakers and experts from the United States:
-    Ms. Karen Hedlund, Former Deputy Administrator of the Federal Rail Administration (left office on Oct 2014).
-    Ms. Janet Campbell-Lorenc, Senior Director NEC Business Development at Amtrak. 
-    Mr. Michael Liikala, President Solutions International.
-    D. Jose Antonio Morán, Socio Baker & McKenzie (Chicago, Illinois).
-    Dª. Mona Dajani, Socia Baker & McKenzie (Chicago, Illinois).

WATER - Business Opportunities in California
Nov 27th 2014 - British Water Association - London
Mr. Mike Liikala, a California expert advisor in infrastructures and water will be addressing the audience about the business opportunities in the water sector in the largest State of the US.
To attend, please contact Lola Lewis at lola.lewis@britishwater.co.uk

About EAEC:

The European American Enterprise Council (EAEC) is part of the EEN Network. EAEC provides FDI and TRADE PROMOTION support to businesses, regions, states and institutions in Europe and USA. we have the right local expert teams to guide and support you locally. For any further query, please, do not hesitate to contact German Loperena at: gloperena@eaecouncil.com


With a strong presence from USA, we recommend US companies and institutions to participate at the recommended conferences.